Week 4: JavaScript overload and CSS selectors

Not gonna lie, this week was tough!

I’m getting to the point where I understand enough about JavaScript and CSS to know that they can do really cool things, and have some idea of how those things might be accomplished. But I feel so far away from actually getting anything to work.

As I was going through the JavaScript Loops, Arrays, and Objects course on Treehouse, I had several ideas for cool things to do based on the videos, but they’re all just useless pieces of broken code at this point. And I don’t know enough to identify where the problems might be.

But instead of turning this post into one big rant, let’s focus on the things that did go right this week:

I reviewed the JavaScript basics course that I did in the pre-work for the program, and got a really simple bit of code to work. If you open up the Party Parrot Fan Club, I created, a question pops up:


And then you type in your favorite parrot:


And then the page converts your answer to lowercase and responds:


I know, everybody hates pop up alerts, but this isn’t a real website, and I got something to work!

I also worked along with the CSS Selectors course and made an interactive form to join the Party Parrot Fan Club. If you hover over the text entry fields or buttons, they change color. (Side note: it’s awesome to be able to get as tacky as I want with the colors right now.)


And finally, I feel like I accomplished something by continuing to learn, even though I’m struggling. I’ll go ahead and share one of those broken bits of code I mentioned above. It’s supposed to print out a list of Party Parrot Fan Club members and their achievements on the signup page, but so far, it does nothing. Looks like I’m going to have to take some of my own advice and ask for help on this one.


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