Week 2: Learning how to use Git and GitHub

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 1.12.01 PM
One of my first GitHub repositories. As you can see, this one was just for learning purposes.

Going into this week, I’d heard of GitHub, and knew it was a place where developers share their code, but that was pretty much it. So I assumed the process would be like creating a blog post, or posting something to Facebook. And I was wrong.

Adding things to GitHub requires using Git commands, which requires using the command line. For anyone who’s like, “WTF?” (which was me a few weeks ago), that’s basically using a set of commands to say, “Hey, put this new file, (or changes to a file) in this project that lives on GitHub.

But you have to know which commands to use when and get everything on your computer and GitHub to match up, or else you get scary looking error messages. Trust me, I got my fair share of “fatal” errors this week. To get over the initial frustration this was causing, I basically decided to treat this like an experiment and play around to see what happened.

So I ended the week with three repositories: one that I created by myself and am still having trouble making commits to, one that I forked from Code Louisville’s front end development project template, and one that I created in class on Thursday night that’s up and running. Seeing those commit messages appear and changes to the files on GitHub was a magical, magical experience.

(If you want to see the repository I’m currently playing around with, it’s here.)

Now that I’ve accomplished the big step of familiarizing myself with Git and GitHub, my next step is to create a working repository for my Code Louisville project and start making commits to that.


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