Pre-program excitement and nervousness

I’m writing this on the Sunday night before I officially start the Code Louisville program. I was on the waiting list for several months, and working on the pre-coursework for a couple months, and now it’s time to really get into it.

I’m excited about it, but I’m also a little nervous about how I’m going to maintain some kind of balance in my life. I’ll still be working full time while I work on the online courses and project, so that will be about 60 hours of my week. Plus, you know, trying to do normal life stuff like keeping the house clean, having time with my husband and cats, and getting some exercise. (Believe me, my brain can’t function to do all the other stuff without physical activity!)

I think this is one of those situations where I’m just going to have to learn what to do as I go. I’ve never worked full time while taking classes before. I have no idea what that’s like. But in the past couple years, in my personal life, I’ve faced a lot of situations that were new and scary. And I got through them. So I’m going to try and use that confidence I’ve gained and apply it to my work with the program.

Updates about coursework and my front end development project coming soon.


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