My journey with coding so far

From all my educational and professional experience so far, I’ve learned that I like to try things.

I had seven majors in college. I’ve worked several types of jobs, and even tried out starting a couple businesses. Sometimes I like to berate myself for this lack of consistent, linear progression. But I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with the fact that the need for constant learning and experimentation and new pursuits is part of the way I’m wired.

Which brings me to my latest learning endeavor: learning to code.

Last year, one of my tasks for work required me to learn the teeniest, tiniest bit of HTML. And that sparked my interest. So I signed up for a two-day HMTL and CSS basics workshop through the Louisville chapter of Girl Develop It. In the workshop, I created a site that looked like something on Geocities in 1997, but I was so excited about it and proud of it. (In fact, I’ll do a separate post all about it later.)

I’ve always liked putting stuff out there on the internet. It’s what I do in my day job. It’s what I do incessantly in my personal life, via Facebook and Instagram. Creating websites is another part of that, and I wanted to learn more, so I signed up for the Code Louisville program.

I officially start the program in exactly a month, but I’ve been taking classes from the program’s curriculum on Treehouse for a while now.

So far, I’ve tried some projects, including creating a sample website for a retreat center in Asheville, North Carolina, and an online sign up form for a series of 5k races at a part near my house. They were both pretty messy, and they both taught be a lot. (Yes, more on those later as well.)

But for now, I’m just excited to be learning something new and expanding my ways of thinking.


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